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Are you looking to hire UI/UX designer? Finding the perfect applicant for your project can be difficult, mainly if you are not a design expert. That is why it is critical to understand which UI/UX design tools a creator must know of.

What are UI/UX Design Tools?

A digital product’s visual aesthetic and experience is the emphasis of user interface (UI) design. It includes all of the colours, typography, and images you see on the screen, as well as the UI components you use to move, such as buttons, scrollbars, and swiping motions. A pleasant user experience requires excellent UI design.

Designers use UI and UX design tools to build and design user interfaces and user experiences. These apps assist designers in creating wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs for websites and smartphone applications. Designers require UI/UX design tools to work effectively and make high-quality designs.

Essential UI/UX Design Tools for Hiring a Designer

When you hire UI/UX designer, you should look for candidates who have experience working with the following essential UI/UX design tools:


Marvel is a prototyping tool for websites and mobile applications that enables creators to build interactive prototypes. It allows real-time cooperation with other members of the team. It was designed for quick, basic design, with tools for wireframing, UI design, and prototyping. Marvel can also work with other standard design tools, allowing you to streamline your process. It is a web-based tool that need not be installed and can be operated directly on the browser. You can do one project with Marvel for free. Consider the Pro plan for limitless tasks and numerous users.


Sketch is a vector-based design tool popular among UI/UX artists for collaborative creation. It’s a lightweight, powerful and flexible tool that’s easy to learn and has an intuitive interface. The software enables designers to build wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs rapidly. A sketch can make global adjustments using symbols, layer styles, text styles, resizing and alignment features, etc. It has long been regarded as an industry-standard tool suitable for novice and expert designers. Keep in mind, however, that Sketch is only functional with macOS.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is yet another all-in-one vector-based UI tool that includes collaboration and prototyping tools. It’s quick and power-packed, and there’s little that you can’t do with it! Adobe XD will guide you through the complete UX and UI design process, from early ideas and low-fidelity designs to stunning animations and true-to-life prototypes.

Adobe XD is a component of the Adobe Creative Cloud package and works on both Windows and Mac systems, giving it a slight advantage over Sketch. With the XD Starter package, you can use Adobe XD for free. You can pay for the standalone tool or subscribe to the entire Creative Cloud suite for full XD capability.


Figma is a web-based UI design tool allowing quick design, prototyping, and a smooth, collaborative procedure. It can be used to create dynamic mockups and prototypes that can be evaluated for usefulness while everything is linked. The collaborative setting of Figma allows numerous designers to collaborate on a project at the same time. Figma has an excellent free plan that includes up to three Figma files, three FigJam files, and limitless collaborators. Choose the Professional plan for $12/editor per month or the Organization plan for $45/editor per month for endless files and more features.


InVision Studio is the world’s most potent screen design tool, offering everything you need to sketch, wireframe, prototype, and animate to precision. Studio, part of the InVision collection of shared design tools, includes an easy-to-use vector-based drawing tool, an endless canvas, and a slew of unique fast prototyping elements and built-in animations.

It’s one of the most famous UX/UI tools for expert designers and is functional with MacOS and Windows. InVision Studio is free to obtain and use with up to one prototype and three boards. Switch to the InVision Starter plan for $13/month or the Professional plan for $22/month for more prototypes.


Zeplin is a cloud-based programme that connects UX/UI designers and front-end coders. It enables designers to submit their designs to the site, such as Sketch or Adobe XD files. Developers can then view the plans and obtain all the required information, such as colours, fonts, and spacing. They can also extract elements like icons and pictures, making them simpler to integrate into code.

One of the greatest benefits of working with Zeplin is that it lowers the possibility of miscommunication between designers and coders. The Zeplin complimentary plan allows you to build one project. Consider the team plan for up to 12 tasks and the Organization plan for limitless projects.


UXPin is another end-to-end tool that can produce polished, interactive mockups with no coding needed, and both new and experienced designers use it. Product makers can work on their products from start to finish. The prototypes created on UXPin are the most complicated and near completion. Designers need not be code experts to work with interactions, animations, and other interactive elements. The tool’s drag-and-drop feature makes it extremely simple to use. It works on both Mac and Windows, as well as in the browser. You can use the restricted edition of UXPin for up to two prototypes for free. You can increase to the Basic, Advanced, or Professional plans for additional features.

Hire UI/UX designer who can use to plan, develop, test, and incorporate accurate mockups. It also facilitates cooperation by encouraging conversation among team members through remarks and video feedback and integrating with well-known testing tools such as Lookback, Userlytics, and Validately.

Wrapping Up

Certain factors should be considered when selecting your tools. First and foremost, what sort of tasks will you prioritise? Do you require tools for creating websites, mobile applications, or both? Naturally, you must also ensure that the tools you select are functional with the laptop or system on which you are operating.

One must hire UI/UX designer who is accomplished and experienced for the success of your website and mobile apps. You can find the best-suited candidate for your project by knowing the essential UI/UX design tools. Aquarious Technology prides itself in cultivating an accomplished team of developers and designers who are well-versed with these tools besides full-stack web development tools.





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