How Web Development Differs from Web Design?

Who is a Web Designer? What is Web Design?

A web designer is a person responsible for the website’s aesthetic appeal. Hire web designer to primarily discuss the website’s beauty and usability in relation to splendour. Web design requires concentration on the website’s overall look and feel, utilising various programmes like Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc., to make the website more appealing.

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The creation, management, and supervision of a few other essential papers and resources fall under the purview of designers. This comprises web design agreements, website briefs, questionnaires about website design and website suggestions.

A web designer must conduct some testing and research as part of their work. Making sure the website is created to fulfil user expectations and client requirements. The work of web designers frequently includes certain post-launch services. They offer content production and updating services, maintenance and monitoring, and regular performance evaluations.

Variations of Web Design

There are various kinds of web designers, each specialising in a particular and distinctive kind of work.  

Designing UX

User Experience is referred to as UX. UX designers work to make sure that the website is organised in a way that engages users and provides a satisfying user experience. Their responsibility is to develop data-driven, human-centred designs. This calls for extensive testing and study to collect and analyse data that will be utilised to guide their final design decisions.

UI designer

A website’s design team should include UI designers as well. They prioritise connections in addition to the experience it offers. More specifically, their job is to improve a website’s usability and optimise it to help promote conversions. It is the design of graphics, illustrations, and the usage of photographic images and typography to improve how a digital product is displayed and laid out across various device displays. Input controls (buttons, drop-down menus, data fields), navigational elements (search fields, slider, icons, tags), and informational elements make up interface elements (progress bars, notifications, message boxes).

Visual Designers

The visual designer’s goal is for the finished product to appear appealing. They deal with a website’s visual components and layout. In this project, elements of both UI and UX design are combined. A visual designer’s responsibilities centre on making the interface aesthetically beautiful and simple.

Most web designers work with a limited number of devices, applications, and programmes. The most significant are design and editing applications and software, for instance, Adobe Photoshop.

Additionally, they might use tools for image compression, optimisation and sources for stock photos. Additionally, a CMS like WordPress and a website builder platform like Elementor are frequently used by web designers.

Tools for wireframes and prototypes are also beneficial. They allow web designers to plan and generate models and mockups for the site’s structure to be tested as the project is being developed.

Skills Required For Web Design

Depending on the function and speciality of each individual, different skill sets are needed for web designers to be successful. Nevertheless, in general, hire web designer with these crucial capabilities:

  • Design tools and software
  • CSS and HTML Knowledge
  • Responsive and interactive design
  • Understanding web accessibility guidelines and website design principles
  • Conversion rate Optimisation or CRO
  • Colour therapy, branding and typography

Several non-technical abilities are also crucial for web designers to possess. For instance, effective customer communication to manage expectations requires excellent communication skills. Furthermore, to make sure that each project runs as smoothly as possible, having the capacity to work with other members of the team, such as web developers, is crucial.

Who is a Web Developer?

Typically, programmers are referred to as web developers. In other words, they translate the concepts and ideas presented by designers into actual, live, and fully-functional websites. These include Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, PHP, ASP.NET, Python, and other software and tools. Their primary goal is to create a website that operates efficiently. To produce web pages based on the design supplied by the designer, web developers must work with UX designers, UI designers, and visual designers.

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More specifically, a web developer is responsible for building the website. This entails adding user-facing functionality and features, coding, and setting up the server and databases on the back end. They may also handle a variety of post-launch activities, such as continuous support and maintenance and resolving server or hosting difficulties, in addition to performing testing and debugging.

Types of Web Developers

Web developers typically concentrate on a small number of programming languages. Nevertheless, the languages they employ will vary depending on the web development tasks they conduct.

Three main categories of web developers exist:


With the use of Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and other languages, front-end developers create the real website code. The majority of front-end development, sometimes referred to as client-side development, entails coding and programming the user-visible graphic components of a website.


Advanced programming languages like PHP, C#, Java, Ruby, and SQL, and NodeJS and other server-side frameworks, are used by back-end developers to write the database and server. Back-end development, also referred to as server-side development, mostly refers to website features that take place “behind the scenes” and are invisible to front-end users.


Full-stack developers write the code for a website’s front and back ends. They are quite familiar with how these components operate separately and together.

Skills Required for a Web Developer

A web developer should have at least some familiarity with the following:

  • For coding and programming, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP
  • Languages frameworks for JavaScript like jQuery
  • Back-ends and databases testing and bug fixing
  • Systems for managing content (WordPress, etc.)
  • Optimisation for search engines (SEO)

Non-technical skill sets are also useful for web developers in addition to technical ones. This includes the ability to solve problems and think analytically, both of which are beneficial while debugging. To effectively collaborate and communicate with clients and other significant parties, it is also crucial to possess these skills (such as web designers).

Summarising the Key Differences between Web Design and Development

Website creation, development, and maintenance require the skills of both web designers and developers. In the end, the two jobs rely on one another to provide a high-quality result.

  • Developers concentrate on functionality and structure, while hire web designer to concentrate on aesthetics and usability.
  • By building a mockup based on visual, UX, and UI components, web designers conceptualise the idea and appearance of a website. If the idea is both technically and financially feasible, web developers programme and code the website.
  • Web designers need to have a strong foundation in technological expertise. Although some research and analysis are required, a web designer’s job is more about a website’s aesthetics and creative aspects than the technical aspects.
  •  code versioning and issue tracking, coding libraries and frameworks, software like GitHub and Jira, hosting control panels and FTP clients, and CMSs are some of the tools and programmes that web developers frequently utilise. Along with wireframing and prototype tools, web designers frequently employ WordPress, a CMS similar to Photoshop, and a website builder similar to Elementor.


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